Our rig is something we are quite proud of.  It is a custom designed 4 Star trailer that was made special for us.  Alot of thought went into the design in an effort to make the trailer as comfortable and safe for our passengers as possible, while also making it easy to work out of. 

The trailer features:

  • Air Ride

  • Fans

  • Video Monitoring

  • Floor to Ceiling Partitions with Padding

  • Padded Chest and Butt Bars

  • Quiet Ride System, unique to 4 Star Trailers

  • Extra Tall at 8'3" interior height

  • Drop Down Windows on Street Side

  • Ability to move partitions to change from straight to large box stalls

  • Seperate 'Stud' Stall in front

  • Tons of ventilation from large windows and roof vents

We have just upgraded our truck to a Freightliner M2 with a large sleeper that is equipped with a bed, shower, toilet and small kitchen.  

The addition of the sleeper will be a huge help with complying with DOT's hours of service rules as it will enable us to be more efficient with our time going down the road and will allow Cindy a comfortable place to sleep and shower at night without having to go to a hotel.  She can park the rig right next to the horses at any layover facility and be comfortable while keeping an eye on everyone.

The rig is always maintained and kept in tip top shape.  

Roomy Single Stalls
Huge Box Stalls