Did you know????

Horse Transporters for hire must follow the same rules and regulations as the 'big rigs' on the road who must adhere to the mandates of the Federal DOT and FMCSA.  This means:

  • We must adhere to hours of service and keep a log book.

  • We must belong to a random drug testing program.

  • We must maintain a commercial insurance policy of $750,000 or more.

  • We must keep our vehicles maintained and have them inspected regularly.  We are subject to random inspections at any time.

  • We must go thru weigh stations.

Be sure that whoever you hire meets these guidelines.  Double check them here to be sure they are legally authorized to haul your precious friends.  Be aware that hiring an illegal transport can cause you problems if that transporter is stopped by law enforcement or DOT.  That illegal hauler can be detained or even have the entire rig impoounded.  If that happens with your horse on the trailer it will mean extra expense for you and additional time getting your friend home to you.  Be wary of those cheap rates, illegal haulers don't have the same expenses as a legal hauler and this can mean lack of maintenance to the equiment which can result in breakdowns or accidents.  Check references and don't send your equine friend off with just anyone!  See our tesimonials here and feel free to ask for references with phone numbers.